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Capt. Dennis's Fish Smack

Brine Ingredients:
♦fish - kingfish workds best
♦Mojo seasoning
♦Brown Sugar

♦smoked fish
♦Chopped Green, Red, and Yellow Bell Peppers
♦2 small onions, finely chopped
♦Chopped dill pickles
Fish Smack
Fish Smack
Fish Smack
Fish Smack

Recipe Preparation:
Capt. Dennis says the most important part of this recipe is properly smoked fish!

Smoked Fish Preparation:
Fish Smack Recipe Info here.

Smack Preparation:
Combine your smoked fish and all ingredients together and mix thoroughly. Not much else to it! Serve with your favorite crackers, on bread, or as a salad compliment.

Photos compliments of Sara Norman
Recipe and Ingredients provided by Capt. Dennis

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